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{{ Plantilla:TNTN |content=



</translate> {{[[{{#if:|{{{SISTER}}}Template|Plantilla}}:MW-screenshot|MW-screenshot]]{{#if:content=|skin=|free=||content=|skin=|free=}}{{#if:||{{{3}}}}}{{#if:||{{{4}}}}}{{#if:||{{{5}}}}}{{#if:||{{{6}}}}}{{#if:||{{{7}}}}}{{#if:||...}}}}

  • CONTENT is used to specify what other content is visible in the screenshot, and should be replaced with one of the following values:
    • none - there is no content, or all content is part of the MediaWiki user-interface.
    • wikipedia - The screenshot is of a Wikipedia page.
    • gfdl - The content is released under the GFDL license (but is not Wikipedia content).
    • free - The content is released under any other 'free or open source' license (not GFDL). In this case you can use the 'free' parameter to indicate a template to be used (see below).
    • unfree - The content is proprietary and is not distributed under any 'free or open source' license.
    • Any other value will cause the image to be placed in Category:MW screenshots with unspecified content and will need fixing.
  • SKIN is used to specify which skin is being used in the screenshot:
  • FREE is an optional parameter, only used if content=free. In this case, the parameter names a template to be used to specify the license (don't include the curly brackets). For example: free=PD.


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